Estate Planning & Probate

The most important gift you can give to your family is to make sure you have the necessary documents in place in the event that you are incapacitated or pass away. This is important for everyone, however for families with minor children, it is a necessity. Estate planning allows you to make the decisions for you and your loved ones, rather than allowing them to be made by strangers. Through planning you can cover areas such as child protection, asset transfer, estate/gift tax planning, asset protection, business succession/exit planning and healthcare options. Due to the nature of this work and the need for you to have ongoing contact with your attorney and our staff, a flat fee will be agreed to in advance that will cover all of the work on your plan, including drafting and execution of the documents, answering questions and making revisions within 90 days of the plan execution, and an ongoing review of your plan at least every three years at no additional charge.

In the event of a death or incapacity in your family, we are available to guide and represent you through the guardianship or probate proceeding. As this is a difficult and emotional event, we are here to support you and to make the administrative requirements less of a burden.



Estate planning is not about documents. It is about people. At the Gale Legal Group PLLC, we seek to create a full-service and ongoing relationship with our clients. We know that your needs and the needs of your family are changing as your life changes. Whether you are starting your first job, buying your first home, raising a family, or planning for retirement, your needs will be different. In addition to providing the planning documents unique to your situation now, we will continue to review and update the documents. We want to make sure that these documents are in place and are relevant to meet the needs of your loved ones, when they need it the most.

To encourage and foster planning with our clients, we bill on a flat fee basis so there are no surprises about how much something will cost you. We provide affordable access to your attorney and our team, who are well qualified to assist your needs. You can have a personal relationship with us, without worrying about breaking the bank. Your financial resources are not your only source of wealth to be passed on to your loved ones. We also offer an option to record messages, stories, values and experiences for your family so the really important things will not be left unsaid. Sometimes this type of legacy is far more valuable to loved ones.

We are here for you to count on when a loved one passes away. We are able to guide you through the administration of your loved one’s estate. We will prepare all of the probate court documentation, contact interested parties, represent you in court, ensure all assets are distributed according to your loved ones’ and the Court’s direction, and any other items that are needed to administer the estate. We will meet with you for a consultation to review the process and discuss our hourly billing for this process. Our goal is to support you in this time and to make this as stress-free as possible.